Junior Golf Camp 2019

Begins: Tuesday, June 11th
Ends: Friday, August 9th

9 Weeks:
36 Lessons
36 Golf Rounds
1 Club Champioship

Age Groups: 6-8, 9-11, 12-14

Weekly Schedule:

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday's
9am to 10:30am Lesson
10:30am to 12:30pm Play Golf

9am to 11am - Golf League
11am to 12:30 pm Lesson

Member Camp Fees:

Family Membership Fees:
 $1,075 w/o Cart
$1,675 w/ Cart


Non Member Camp Fees:
$400 For One Junior Golfer
$700 For Two Junior Golfers
$975 For Three Junior Golfers


Fees include:
  Daily Lessons, Range Balls, On Course Play,
Supervision, Coaching, Rules, Pizza Lunch on Thursdays

Pool opens for MEMBERS at 12:00pm

Sign up via email (jeff.glcc@gmail.com), in the pro shop or call 627-2495.  Our goal is to promote the game of golf and help juniors learn the basic fundamentals, rules and etiquette. 

We look forward to another fun year of Junior Golf 
at Grand Ledge Country Club.

Jeff Hilbert
PGA Professional

2019 Golf Staff:
Jeff Hilbert - PGA
Gary Gazell - Coach
Victoria Mills
Megan Mida
Vienne Sereseroz
Peyton Stiles
Aaron Bellson
Mark Moore
Dan Pappas