Saturday & Sunday - $$ Game

(517) 627-2495 - Pro Shop

Starts: April
Ends: October 

Tee Times:
April - 10 am
May - 9 am
June, July & August - 8 am
September - 9 am
October - 10 am

Chippers is the weekly weekend morning game open to GLCC members.  The weekend chippers game is a lot of fun and if you have not played show up with a couple of bucks and play a team, individual and skins game that is 100% handicapped and favors only those who play well on the given day.  Don't be shy, give it a try! You do not have to sign up in advance just show up the day of (30 minutes before the first tee time) to enter into the games and be paired for the day. Sat/Sun tee times will vary based on the time of year, but always in early AM. Tee times may also vary based on other GLCC member events that are taking place.

If you have any questions regarding the format or how the game works get in touch with 
Jeff in the pro-shop.

$10 White Chippers,  $5 Yellow Chippers  (Both groups play white / yellow tees)