Hole in One Info

There is a box and envelopes in the Pro-Shop for you to leave your cash and info.
Contact Tom Surato for more details on the GLCC Hole in One Pot.

- Cost is $5 per member to participate.

- Participation is voluntary. 

- GLCC members may sign up to participate any time throughout the season.


- Only GLCC members who participate in the HoleinOne pot are eligible to win the pot. 

- Each participant must be 18 years old.

- A member must pay and join the HoleinOne Pot prior to to scoring a HoleinOne (Ace). 

The hole in one can be made on the front or back nine  "GLCC ONLY"  Nine holes must be played.

- A hole in one must be witnessed.

All club activities (EXCLUDING THE BIG HOLE AND PAR 3 EVENTS) count, couples, holidays,  mixers, league play,  etc.

All money collected are put into the  GLCC Golf  association bank account until the awarding.

- A participant wins the pot (or a share of the pot) by scoring an Ace on any hole at GLCC.

- If there is more than one participant with an Ace during a single season, the pot will be split evenly among the winners.

- At the end of the golf season (October 31, 2014), if no one has scored an Ace, the HoleinOne Pot will be carried into the following year.