Aug 24th Results Monday Men'e league

posted Aug 24, 2015, 2:59 PM by Scott Dobie
Afternoon everyone,

It is hard to believe that our regular season is over.

Congratulations to Roger Burns our 2nd half champion.

Roger and Jim Stewart will play an 18 hole match play round this week to determine the 2015 league champion.

It was a great battle the entire 2nd half, with 8 players that had a chance to catch Roger.

Roger Burns -40 total $25 2nd half champ

Harry Wiersma -37 total $15 2nd half 2nd place

Duane Tellier -36 total $10 2nd half 3rd place

Followed by Stiles -33, Bursch -32, Starks -30, Surato -30, J Burns -26

Just some great playing in the 2nd half by the yellow tee players.

I certainly hope everyone enjoyed our first year of yellow tee's and the opportunity next year it brings to adjust the handicapping as needed. The yellow tee players had a great year, congratulations.

Today's result

Low net

Brown -7 $5, Stiles -7 $5, Stewart -6 $4, Surato -5 $3, R Burns -5 $3, J Burns -4 $2

Skill hole winners $4 each

Powers #2, Brown #4, Dickerson #9, Brown #13, Dobie #16, J Burns #18

Net skins $6 each

#1 Kuhlman, #8 pangborn, #12 Stewart, #18 J Burns

net eagles tied on #5, #6, #7, #9, #10, #14, #17

Gross skins $5 each

Kuhlman #1, Powers #2, Dobie #4, Lingemann #6, Allen #7, #9 Starks, #10 Stewart, #12 Stewart, #16 Dobie.

Bursch and Starks both birdied #17.

Big Money Winners

Stewart $20, Dobie $14, Brown $13, J Burns $12.

Next week fun day banquet, golf at 8:30 am.

Steak dinner, corn, baked potato, Mac salad, rolls, desert.

All day beverages included.

So far I know, Wicker, Bursch and Wyatt can not make it. We have one guest Bill Weston. Please let me know ahead so I can plan for food and teams if you can not attend.

Thanks, It has been a great although a little wet year!