Monday Men's League results June 19th

posted Jun 19, 2017, 1:20 PM by Scott Dobie
Afternoon everyone, a fine day for golf.

26 players today in the $3 pot, 23 players in the $2  actual skin pot. This was the last week of the first half. Congratulations to Duane Tellier who shot 84 actual for net 64 and is -22 in the first half. Duane is our first half champ. The battle for 2nd and 3rd is still to be determined, as Bob Bursch is -7 playing his make up round on Thursday. Jim Stewart finished -14 and John Starks -12 in the first half.

John starks had a fine round of 72 actual today from the gold tees. Nice shooting John.

Today's results

Low net 11 players shot -3 or better, the best all year.

-8 Tellier $7, -6 Pangborn $4, -6 Starks $4, -4 Pearl $3, -4 Wicker $3, -3 Stiles $1, -3 Dobie $1,
-3 Kuhlman $1, -3 Lingemann $1, -3 Stewart $1, -3 Jonas $1.

Skill hole winners pay $4 each

#2 Pearl, #4 VanHeest, #9 Wicker, #13 Starks, #16 Starks, #18 Starks.

Net skins pay $5 each

#2 Tellier net 1
#3 Dobie net 2
#12 Surato net 2
#17 Brown net 3
#18 Starks net 3

Net eagles tied on #6, #7, #8

Gross skins pay $6 each

#3 Dobie
#4 Kuhlman
#7 Lingemann
#10 Starks
#12 Surato
#16 Starks
#17 Brown
#18 Starks

Brown and Starks both birdied #15

Tellier birdied #2 and #7 but is not in the gross skin pot.

Big Money winners!!!

John "Strike em out" Starks $39. The most anyone has one in one day, so far this year!

Dobie $12, Tellier $12, Brown $11, Surato $11.

1st half standings, pending Bursch make up round.

-22 Tellier, -14 Stewart, -12 Starks, -7 Heilman, -7 Bursch, -4 Dobie, -3 Kuhlman, +0 Pangborn.

Everyone else was over par.

First place 1st half $25
Second place 1st half $15
Third place 1st half $10

First half cook out and tourney next Monday. Please let me know ahead by email if you know you are not going to make it.

We will play some type of scramble event, so we can get done fast.

I will have to adjust our budget for the year, as it looks like Herner is not going to join this year, and Wolverton and Allen are both recovering from injuries, and have not played in the first half.
Tom Cornelius is joining the league for the 2nd half, starting July 10th.

Remember no league golf on Monday July 3rd, but there will be a regular $5 game that day at 8:30am if you still want to play.

Thanks, Scott